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Mon 4pm - 12am, Tue - Fri 4pm - 2am, Sat 10am - 2am, Sun 10am - 4pm


Mon - Fri: 6:30am - 11am, Saturday: 9am - 11am,

Sunday: 9am - 4pm

Phat Food:

Until 9pm daily except Sunday

Bar Food: 9pm - 2am







  • Salads and Extras

    Ninja Star - Chinese chicken carrots, granola, sunflower seeds, raspberry vinaigrette served on bed of lettuce

    Kickin' Chicken - Spicy hot chicken breast, carrots, cucumber, tomato, bleu cheese crumbles and ranch dressing

    Julie’s Caesar - Romaine lettuce tossed in Caesar dressing with Asiago

    cheese, tomato, red pepper and pesto chicken breast

    Dirty Wedgie - Iceberg wedge steak, bacon, bleu cheese, tomato, red onion and ranch dressing

    Flippin’ Tuna - Tuna, apples, grapes, cranberries, cashews, feta cheese and raspberry vinaigrette

    Andy’s Orbit - Black beans, brown rice, cucumber, tomato, cashews, tofu, hummus (choice), pita and Italian vinaigrette


    $8.50 per box

    Plates are served with French Bread.

    1 Veggie - $2.50

    1 Meat - $3.50

    3 Veggie Sides - $6.50


    1 Meat 2 Sides - $7.00

    Extra Pita - $1.00



    Meat Salads $8.99/ LB     Veggie Salads $5.99-7.99/ LB

    Hummus Envy - Two flavors of hummus and soft or toasted pita chips topped with olives, goat cheese, peppers, pico, pesto, and balsamic reduction

    Cranberry Barley

    Garden Salad

    Caesar Salad

    Greek Artichoke

    Spicy Dijon Slaw Hummus

       Spinach Feta



       Sweet Chili

       Portabella Red Pepper

       Parsley Goat

    Loaded Potato Salad Tomato- Mozzarella Sesame Noodles


    Spinach Feta Pasta

    Pesto Pasta

    Marinated Mixed Veggies Broccoli Cheddar Salad Couscous

    Black Beans

    Brown Rice

    Long Life

    Chinese Chicken

    Honey Nut Chicken

    Curry Chicken

    Southwest Chicken Skinny Tuna




    Different Soups Daily!

    Cup $3     Bowl $4     Quart $7

  • Sandwiches and Wraps

    Big Jerk - Sliced jerk pork tenderloin, jack cheese and caramelized onions on 2 yeast rolls served with a side of spicy remoulade

    Charlotte’s Wrap - Sliced pork, bacon, black beans, goat cheese, rice, lettuce, and pico.

    BLT  - 6 slices of thick sliced bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo on your choice of bread

    Rueben - Corned beef, kraut, Swiss cheese and 1000 island dressing on swirled rye

    V.I.P Club - Triple Decker sandwich with ham, turkey, pimento cheese, lettuce, tomato,mayo, and bacon

    Muffaletta - Ham, turkey, salami, provolone, and tomato on foccacia bread with pesto and olive salad

    Hot Affair - Sirloin, bacon, smoked cheddar, caramelized onions, Italian vinaigrette, lettuce, tomato, and Dijon served on homemade focaccia

    Morphine Wrap - Sirloin , portabella mushrooms, Swiss,  Dijon, pesto mayo, lettuce, sundried  tomatoes, red peppers and Italian vinaigrette

    Hot & Cold Sweats - Sirloin served mid-rare, ghost pepper cheese, tomatoes, field greens, chunky bacon aioli, Italian vinaigrette, and fried onions (cold which)

    Teriyaki Cowboy - Sirloin with jack cheese,  lettuce, red pepper, caramelized onions, and chipotle teriyaki sauce on a hoagie

    Sloppy Seconds - Two yeast rolls spread thick with pimiento cheese, & spicy sloppy

    The Stoner - Steak, lettuce, tomato, goat cheese, saracha ranch spread on a hoagie roll


    Ninja Bomb -  A wrap filled with chinese chicken, lettuce, shredded carrots, granola, sunflower seeds and raspberry vinaigrette

    Caesar Pita or Wrap - Grilled Chicken or Steak, filled with Caesar salad and diced tomatoes (Chicken or Steak)

    Greek Pita or Wrap - Chicken breast or steak with lettuce, Greek salad, hummus, and ranch dressing (Chicken or Steak)

    Buffalo Chicken - Baked chicken, Phat hot sauce,  bleu cheese, lettuce, tomato, shredded carrots, and ranch on focaccia

    Chicken or Tuna Salad - Chicken or tuna salad with your choice of bread, cheese, lettuce, and tomato.

    Eat My Tuna - Skinny Tuna, fresh mozzarella, cashews, apple, cucumber, field greens, and balsamic reduction

    Turkey Wrap - Turkey, goat cheese, smoked cheddar, cranberry, mayo, dijon, apple, and lettuce

    Spicy Gobbler - Turkey, spicy Dijon slaw, smoked cheddar, and tomato on a Hoagie

    Caprese - Tomato, fresh mozzarella, pesto balsamic reduction, sunflower seeds, and field greens on Ciabatta bread

    Phat Veggie Wrap - Hummus, lettuce, brown rice, black beans, pico, goat cheese, tofu, sunflower seeds

    Veggie Sandwich - Hummus, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, red onion, peppers, provolone cheese, bread choice

    Black Bean Burger - Hummus, tomato, lettuce, black bean burger, shredded carrot, focaccia bread

    Cheesy Mess - Choose your cheese and your bread, request tomato or jalapeno.

  • Catering Menu

    BOXED LUNCHES & PLATTERS (request veg)


    Phat Kat Box or Platter 12 / 9

    Choice blend of our signature sandwiches and wraps. Choice of side and homemade dessert or 2 sides. *Whole or Half Sandwich Available


    Eat the Rapper Box or Platter 12/ 9

    Medley of our most popular wraps – Ninja Bomb, Turkey Wrap, Chicken Caesar and Morphine. 1 side plus dessert or 2 sides *Whole or Half Wraps


    Simple Brown Boxed Lunch 10/ 8

    Assortment of classic deli sandwiches – Turkey and Tuna and Ham with assorted chips and choice of dessert or fruit. *Whole or Half Sandwiches


    Goddess Salad Platter 12

    Bevy of skinny salads – Fat Free Tuna, Chinese Chicken and Honey Nut Chicken, served with mini rolls and bread, Caesar Salad and fresh fruit.


    Stupid Simple Platter 13

    Sliced ham, turkey and chicken, sliced cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, mayo pack, mustard pack, assorted breads; includes potato salad, Caesar salad and dessert


    Fresh Fruit Platter 20 serves 8-10 / 40 (16-20) / 60 (24-30)


    Hummus Envy Platter 20 serves 10-15 people

    3-1/2 lb. containers of hummus & 40 pita squares 35 serves 15-25 3-1lb. hummus & 80 pita


    Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with tomato basil soup 9




    Chef’s Choice Luncheon / 12

    Chef Julie’s Specials of the Day – includes meat, vegetable, starch, and dessert. *Choice of Beef, Pork, or Chicken *Vegetarian & Vegan Options Available


    Chimichurri Chimichurri / 13

    Grilled sliced chicken or steak with Argentinian herb sauce with pan seared sweet potatoes, Idaho potato squares & house salad.


    Devil’s Workshop / 13

    Jack Daniels BBQ with rolls and Macaroni and Cheese, slaw & jalapeno cheddar corn bread.


    “Nashville Hot” Fried or Baked Chicken Tenders / 13

    Available in Honey Hot, Crybaby Mild, or volcano. Served 0n grilled focaccia with mac and cheese & slaw. (ranch & bleu cheese dips)


    Dank Pot Pie / 13

    The kind you dream about with lots of chicken, peas, celery, carrots and topped with buttery biscuits served with chopped salad.


    Lasagna Meat or Veggie

    Served with grilled garlic focaccia & Caesar salad.

    Full pan (24 plump pieces) $144 / half pan (12 pieces) $72 ADD SIDES!!!


    Ellendale’s Cajun Chicken Pasta / 13

    Penne Pasta tossed with diced chicken, bell peppers, mushrooms & red onion in a Cajun Alfredo sauce. Served with chopped salad & grilled focaccia.


    Quinoa Heaven / 14

    sautéed in coconut oil w/sunflower seeds, mushrooms, pprs, peas & spinach w/chopped salad & pita w/hummus.


    Salmon Cakes / 13

    Topped with hollandaise - served with veggie medley & parsley skillet potatoes, hummus & pita.


    Slammin Salmon 15

    Lemon parsley poached salmon with Ellendales rice, veggie medly & focaccia.


    Mas Fajitas Por Favor 13

    Grilled chicken & steak with peppers and onions, tortillas, sour cream, lentil guacamole, lettuce & pico, served with Spanish rice & black beans.


    HOT SIDES $2.50

    *lemon butter broccoli *grilled veggies *almond green beans * baked Italian tomatoes * almond green beans *honey ginger carrots * macaroni & cheese * fruit * jalapeno corn bread * grilled focaccia * fried potato wedges * poutine *chopped salad *Caesar salad * chili lime corn *grilled asparagus & mushrooms * spicy sweet potato hash

    FOR CATERING PLEASE CONTACT US AT PhatBitesCatering@gmail.com


    Download our full catering menu to see even more options, including a hot buffet lunch and Breakfast options.

    20 person minimum on all catering orders.


    Smaller groups? Take a look at our new ChowNow partner in online ordering.

    Also available on:

    "Order online, pay online, skip the line."

    — Julie Buhler


    Full Breakfast Menu Available upon Request


    Quiche, Half Pan $48 (12 slices) or Full (24 slices) $90

    Made any way you like with your choice of fillings


    Sunshine and Motorcycles 13

    Benedict w/ grilled tomato, ham and scrambled eggs with hollandaise, bacon and turkey sausage, fresh fruit, assorted pastries & bread with butter and jelly.


    The European 10

    Assorted cheeses, fruit, ham and turkey, crackers, bread, jelly boiled egg & pastry.


    Slider On Over 9

    2 pp. ham, egg & chz sliders, skillet potatoes & fruit


    Farmers choice 10

    Steak & cheezy scrambled eggs with biscuits & gravy.


    Add Ons:

    Assorted flavored Bagels with two signature cream cheeses 3 *Meat Medley (bacon & sausage) 3 *2 Biscuits with Gravy 3 *scrambled Eggs w/ cheddar 2.50 *pastry 2 *cookies 1.50

    *Croissants, muffins, bread & jelly 4 *Granola, yogurt & fruit cup 4 *boiled egg w/ dip 1.25 *fruit 3 *muffins 3



    Heavy app party – Nashville hot chicken, steak skewers, VIP pinwheels, hummus envy, gouda artichoke fondue w/ bread & crackers, grilled veggies & fruit. 18 pp.


    A little something – curry chicken endive leaves, homemade potato chips, fruit & cheese, sundried tomato bruschetta. 12 pp.


    Fancy shmancy – shrimp and cream cheese spring rolls, lobster sushi rolls, procuitto stuffed mushrooms, rice paper Thai chicken rolls, guacamole, pico, chili con queso & tortilla chips. 21 pp.


    End zone – sloppy bites, fried ravioli w/ marinara, hot honey chicken tenders, loaded red potatoes, wedge salad skewer, homemade chips & dip 17 pp.


    Cartwheel – Cucumbers w/ salmon mouse, sundried tomato deviled eggs, Chinese chicken wontons, mushroom bruchetta, grilled jalapeno & potatoes w/ pimento cheese dip. 13 pp.


    Somersault – Bbq bacon shrimp, poached salmon w/ caper cream cheese & crostini, pesto tortellini skewers, grilled veggies & fruit, pecan bleu grapes, hummus envy 23 pp.


    Phat grazing – coconut popcorn, bleu cheese fondue w/ apples & bread, meat balls w/ marinara, thai chicken skewers, salmon cakes w/ Dijon sauce, stuffed mushrooms 20 pp.


    Stallone – fried ravioli, sundried tomato bruchetta, meatballs w/ alfredo, grilled Caesar, grilled veggies & fruit 15 pp.



    Gallon of Fruit Tea 14 - Gallon of Sweet or Unsweet Tea 10 - Hot Water & Tea 2 pp. - Bongo Java Coffee 3 pp.

    1⁄2 Gallon of Fresh OJ 12 - Assorted Canned sodas 1.25 Bottled Water 1.25 - full bar & craft cocktails MRKT.

  • Breakfast


    Eggs Benedict - served with potato hash & fruit 12.00 on the fly 5 each

    Time Warp - English muffin topped with ham or turkey, sliced tomato, scrambled eggs and pesto hollandaise

    Guiltless Pleasure - Black bean sweet potato patty, wilted spinach, scrambled eggs, cumin hollandaise & fresh pico.

    McBob’s - rye toast, melted Swiss, corned beef, scrambled eggs, paprika kraut hollandaise

    Big Banana - Banana french toast with bananas, caramel honey fresh whipped cream & bacon. 8.99

    Belgium Waffles

    10.99 - Gluten Free 11.99

    The Nutzs – Topped with warm Nuttela, sunflower seeds & cinnamon caramel bananas with fresh whipped cream.

    Hot and Heavy – Local caramel honey, goat cheese & hot chicken breast slices.

    Berry Garcia – caramel honey, butter, whipped cream & berries

    Taco Plates (3)

    8.99 on the fly 3 each

    Ropa Viejas – lettuce, spicy steak, rice, black beans, eggs, pico & goat cheese.

    Hangover Cure – Beef sloppy, pimento cheese, egg + pico.

    Eskimo Sisters - Scrambled eggs, fresh mozzarella, tomato, pesto, hummus & balsamic.

    Missionary - Scrambled eggs, bacon, pimento cheese & mushrooms & pico.


    Breakfast Plates

    Disco Ball - Potato Hash, Quiche Slice, Steak, sliced tomatoes, Remoulade & fruit 13

    The Real Man - Quiche plate - meat or cheese served with fruit 8.99

    Gotta Goetta Plate - (a blend of sausage & steel oats browned to absolute perfection) served with two eggs any style & gouda creamed spinach 8.99

    Bubble & Squeak - steel head oats, chia seed & coconut milk topped with fresh fruit served with local honey  7.99 on the fly mini 5

    Smoking a Phatty - Smoked salmon on a bagel ,  cream cheese, slice of red onion, tomato & a pickle. Served open faced 8.99

    Omelette of the Day - with skillet potatoes and fruit 8.99

    Croissant or Bagel - with ham or turkey sausage, pimento cheese & eggs 6.99



    Turkey Sausage




    Rice Krispy Treats

    Yum Yum Bars

    Banana Bread


    Brownie - Raspberry orange cheese cake


  • Coffee & Espresso


    Iced Coffee







    Lavender Latte

    Mexican Mocha

    French Dream

    Dirty Chai

    Not Your Mamas Coffee

    Red Eye

    Farmers Paradise


    Lundon Fog


    Try any combinations on ice!





Monday: 6:30am - 12am

Tuesday - Friday: 6:30am - 2am

Saturday: 9am - 2am

Sunday: 9am - 4pm


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